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About Us

Village Grande Nature Chic-Chocs

The enchanting Village Grande Nature Chic-Chocs is dominated by the Chic-Choc Mountains and located just a few kilometres from Cap-Chat in Gaspésie. Take a break in the great outdoors and stay in one of our comfortable cabins or at our Lodge, where you can enjoy our new spa and tons of outdoor activities. Village Grande Nature Chic-Chocs is a three-star resort and won the Outstanding Service Award in 2017.

All of that combined with our fine cuisine, welcoming bar and breathtaking view of the Chic-Choc Mountains will guarantee an unforgettable stay! What’s more, Village Grande Nature Chic-Chocs is committed to providing exceptional customer service in both French and English.


Our mission is to offer our guests a rustic and comfortable stay at the heart of a former village nestled in the mountain wilderness that is the Chic-Choc Mountains, where they can take part in a wide range of activities, year-round.

The story

Not many people know the true story behind Village Grande Nature Chic-Chocs, which (believe it or not) is located on the site of a former Gaspésian village, Saint-Octave-de-l’Avenir! At its peak, the village was home to 1,124 inhabitants.

Closed in 1971, the village has served various functions over the years, including a training camp for Air Force, Army and Navy cadets. It has also been a favourite location for folk music festivals.

Traces of the Past

Two buildings still bear witness to the existence of Saint-Octave-de-l’Avenir and its people. The convent and church are priceless heritage gems that evoke the past.

Village Grande Nature Chic-Chocs not only boasts an authentic former village feel, but guests get the chance to travel back in time!

If you’re interested in finding out more about Saint-Octave-de-l’Avenir’s past, visit the Corporation des anciens de Saint-Octave-de-l’Avenir website (information available in French only).

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