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Village Grande Nature Chic-Chocs
951, route Saint-Octave, C.P. 518
Cap-Chat (Québec) G0J 1E0

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Important Information

  1. To get directions to Village Grande Nature Chic-Chocs, click here.
  2. Warning! Turn off your GPS when you arrive at Cap-Chat. We’ve been told many times that GPS systems tend to send people the wrong way!


If you’re driving towards Cap-Chat on the 132-East:

  1. As you approach the Cap-Chat River bridge, turn right. Do not cross the bridge.
  2. Continue along rue des Fonds, heading south, for approximately 6 kilometres. When you arrive at an intersection, take the road to your left.
  3. You will reach another bridge crossing the Cap-Chat River in approximately 300 metres, cross the bridge and continue along the road.
  4. Continue for approximately 3 kilometres, you will see another intersection on your right. Continue along the same road (do not turn off at the intersection).
  5. You will reach Village Grande Nature Chic-Chocs in approximately 6 kilometres.

If you’re driving towards Cap-Chat on the 132-West:

  1. As you approach the bridge crossing Cap-Chat River, cross the bridge and turn left.
  2. Follow points, 2, 3, 4 and 5 from above.